Why Women Experience Post-sex Blues?

Sex, in reality, should be enjoyable, satisfying, renewing, and can make you feel you are in your whole self again. 

But why do many women experience post-sex blues or postcotial dysphoria (PCD) after? If this is unclear to you, PCD is the loneliness, agitation, fright, anxiety, and even feel like crying after having sex. In short, this is the horrible feelings you feel after having intercourse with your partner. 

Post-sex blues is normal and is really happening to many women. There are already scientific studies about why it’s occurring but results are nothing concrete. If you think you’re just the only one experiencing the blues, well, you are wrong because you’re not alone. 

There are many factors as to why this is happening to many women, even if they are satisfied with the intercourse. You may feel post-sex blues when:

  1. The sex is not consensual. 

Really, if the sex is not consensual who would enjoy it? A woman, or even a man, who is just forced to have sex will feel miserable in the end because sex should be mutual.

  1. If the sex is a makeup sex. 

It is common in a relationship to have a makeup sex after a fight as a way of reconcilement. A woman may dig in, but at the back of her mind the problem that had occurred in their relationship is still there, especially if the problem was cheating. It is so hard to move on if a woman has been cheated, moreover, if she thinks her man spent nights with her other woman. The thoughts like “Did he made her satisfied on bed?, “Did he also did what he is doing to me on bed?”, “Did she made him satisfied more than I do?”, are all on her mind. Acceptance, in this case, is really hard. 

  1. If the sex is quickie. 

Women like long, sensual, and romantic sex. If the sex is quickie and the man just wants to come out, she may feel like an object of pleasure after. We could all see woman as an object of pleasure in porno sites, in reality, woman doesn’t like to be seen and treated like that. 

  1. If the sex is a maintenance sex. 

This is happening when a woman just wanted to satisfy her partner because it is her obligation and she wanted him to be happy. The word “obligation” itself is kind of hurtful because there is no love in it, just something she needs to do in order for the relationship to keep steady. 

  1. If the sex is a breakup sex. 

If the relationship is in the verge of breakup but the other one is still holding on, breakup sex is happening just to assert their feelings. Women feel distress when they know their men cannot and won’t give what they need to be happy.  

  1. If the woman experienced a traumatic sex.

Even if the sex happened out of love but the woman had experienced a traumatic one before, time will come she will recall what had happened to her. The memory is still there and will still keep coming back until she is healed.